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Uriel Active Neoprene Adjustable Ankle Bandage (One Size S-L)

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Uriel Active Ankle Bandage bandage is made of Neoprene with a unique dual-sided fabric cover, combined with elastic and breathable Spacer Fabric. The Velcro fastener allows optimal individual fitting. Adjust required compression through the Velcro fastener. Once the requested pressure has been obtained, do not change the pressure by opening/closing of the fastener but remove the support like you take off socks. This way the quality of the product will be preserved and it will last longer.

  • Meditex Active Ankle Bandage prevents injury and provides excellent support for sprained, strained or weakened ankles
  • Quality Neoprene Material covered with Lycra fabric on both sides and breathable air mesh elastic for comfortable all-day wear.
  • Adjustable strap lifts and supports arch of foot
  • Sleek, lightweight design fits easily and discreetly inside most shoes
  • One size (S-L) - adjustable - fits either left or right foot