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Tonus Elast Inguinal Groin Hernia Belt | Gentle Compression for Inguinal Hernia

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Tonus Elast Inguinal Groin Hernia Belt

  • Tonus Elast Inguinal Hernia Truss is designed to provide relief from a reducible inguinal hernia in your groin - post or pre-surgery.
  • Two specially designed compression inserts are fully adjustable and provide gentle pressure to hernia.
  • Adjustable leg straps for maximum comfort.
  • Inserts can be removed to treat a single left or right hernia. Invisible under clothing. Comfortable for everyday use.
  • For proper sizing measure around hips: XXS-XS (Size 1) 29-34", S-M (Size 2) 35-40", L-XL (Size 3) 41-45", XXL-XXXL (Size 4) 46-51"