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All Natural Dead Sea Quantum Energy Mask

Aroma Dead Sea USA

All Natural Dead Sea Quantum Energy Mask

$ 53.97

This innovative mask, produced with advanced technology and the only one its kind in the world, contains special oils such as evening primrose oil, soya oil, olive oil, lavender oil, wheat germ oil and others, as well as natural mud from the Dead Sea and shea butter. These ingredients will clean and purify your face and prepare it to maximally absorb the nutrients and moisturizers and will enrich your skin with the components essential to a firm and flexible appearance. The mud contains approximately 26 minerals ingredients essential to the skin. The unique geological phenomena made millions of years ago in the lowest point on earth (-417 meters below sea level), is also unique for the different minerals compositions; where the MUD layers were made almost 10,000 years ago. The main and important minerals in the mud are: sodium, calcium and potassium. The minimal size of the minerals particles, and the way they appear in the mud, make it possible for them to defuse into the skin in a unique and exact amount, very healthy for the skin.75 ml/2.53 fl.oz

  • Royal Diamond Quantum Energy Mask

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