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Black Dead Sea Mud Soap kit 4

Aroma Dead Sea USA

Black Dead Sea Mud Soap kit 4

$ 23.97

A mineral rich natural cosmetic soap based on black mud from the Dead Sea with its famous healthful properties. The soap helps to restore the natural balance of the skin. It is recommended for use for all skin types. The soap contains vitamins, minerals and black mud from the Dead Sea together with natural olive, coconut and palm-tree oils. The natural mud soap vigorously exfoliates and rejuvenates the skin of the face and body without causing dryness. It possesses therapeutic antibacterial qualities and may be used preventively. Prolonged use creates a smooth healthy skin. 4 X 125 gr

  • This wonderful mineral soap is based on medicinal salts from the Dead Sea. Regular use helps to preserve the natural balance of the skin.
  • The natural olive, coconut and palm tree oils make the cleansing experience more effective and pleasant.
  • Removes dirt and cleanses your skin, while simultaneously infusing it with minerals essential to keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized. The mud helps keeping the balance of the water in the skin, and after the hair was melted and redrawn from the follicle, the mud restores the natural active ingredients to the skin.
  • Contains a unique combination of Dead Sea minerals derived from the Dead Sea Mud. The mud contains approximately 26 minerals ingredients essential to the skin.
  • The mud contains approximately 26 minerals. The main and important minerals in the mud are: sodium, calcium and potassium. The minimal size of the minerals particles, and the way they appear in the mud, make it possible for them to defuse into the skin in a unique and exact amount, very healthy for the skin.

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