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FlexaMed Air Gel Ankle Brace

Body Support Plus

FlexaMed Air Gel Ankle Brace

$ 49.99

The Air Gel Ankle Brace features two rigid plastic panels padded with an air/gel bladder which provide maximum ankle stability, support and comfort. The air/gel compartments help reduce swelling and edema, they are pre-inflated and further attention is rarely required. There are two simple and secure tightening straps secured with Velcro closures and can be adjusted through 180 degrees.

  • The Air Gel Ankle Brace is excellent for providing support to an injured ankle, especially following acute ankle injuries which are tender and swollen
  • Effective following ankle injury as it allows flexion and extension but prevents sideways inversion and eversion
  • Chamber filled with air and gel, molds to ankle for maximum comfort
  • Brace can be used as a thermal insulator for cold and hot therapies
  • One size fits all - left or right ankle

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