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FlexaMed Arch Bandage | Ease fallen arches, flat feet or bunion pain | One size fits most | Made in USA

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  • FlexaMed Arch Bandage provides gentle, targeted compression to the arch to make standing and walking comfortable,  Compresses the midfoot to provide support and stability.
  • Ease fallen arches, flat feet, drop foot, heel, toe, ball-of-foot or bunion pain
  • Recommended for plantar fasciitis, plantar fascial fibromatosis (Ledderhose's disease) and heel spurs
  • Wear anytime - during sports activities, standing or walking for long periods of time - directly on the skin or over a sock
  • Black arch bandage is discrete under shoes ~great for long days on your feet
  • Sold as a pair
  • One Size Fits Most (Women's Size 6 - 11 / Men's Size 6.5 - 12 )
  • Made in USA