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Uriel Abdominal Air Belt

Uriel Abdominal Air Belt

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Uriel Abdominal Air Belt provides moderate support and compression to abdominal muscles weakened by strain without restricting breathing or muscle redevelopment. Types of abdominal strains are defined as a mild injury to the abdominal muscles resulting from trauma, overuse, pregnancy, inactivity, or surgeries such as cesarean, liposuction, or hysterectomy. Made of ventilated knitted cotton elastic band.

  • Uriel Abdominal Air Belt is recommended for abdominal hernia reduction, post operative and postpartum recovery, and bariatric support
  • Velcro hook and loop fasteners for easy application & adjustable sizes
  • Recommended for a sagging abdomen
  • Use as a post pregnancy belt
  • Measure at waist to determine size: M 32-36, L 36-40, XL 40-44, XXL 44-48
  • Belt height is 8"