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Uriel Workout Patella Knee Strap Bandage

Uriel Workout Patella Knee Strap Bandage

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Uriel Patella Knee Strap Bandage helps relieve anterior knee pain caused by patellar tendonitis/tendinopathy (jumpers knee/runners knee), chondromalacia and Osgood Schlatter by applying pressure to the patella tendon. Built-in silicone patella pad applies comfortable compression just below kneecap, reducing stress to knee area. Pressure directed to the patella tendon, support for a straight movement of the patella. Useful as support brace for minor knee complaints and painful and fatigued knees.

  • Versatile patella strap bandage applies constant, mild compression at the patellar tendon, which helps reduce the shock caused by constant running and jumping
  • Indicated for relief of patellofemoral pain, jumpers knee (patellar tendonitis/tendinopathy), runner's knee (chondromalacia patella), irritated kneecap and Osgood-Schlatter's disease
  • Designed to improve patellar tracking and elevation
  • Targeted silicone pressure pad for secure under patella support
  • One size - adjustable - fits either left or right leg