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Hernia Gear Suspensory Scrotal Support | For Enlarged Scrotum, Hydrocele, Prostate and Vasectomy Relief

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Hernia Gear Suspensory Scrotal Support is designed to relieve pain in your scrotal/testicle area. The suspensory jock supports and protects your scrotum/testicles from external contact and being crushed between your legs.  Recommended following hernia surgery, scrotal testicle surgery, vasectomy, hydrocele and for large or enlarged testicles.

  • Made with a solid white waistband and a soft, comfortable knit cotton/rayon breathable mesh support pouch with room to stretch
  • The suspensory scrotal support has a generous elasticized hole in front that fits most men
  • The waistband is adjustable for your specific level of support - one size fits all
  • The scrotum/testicles will be comfortably secured and protected
  • Inconspicuous under clothing and machine washable for daily wear

Sizing: The waist band is the same for all sizes, up to 52 inches.   One Size Fits Most.  The pocket increases in size.

For comparison purposes we suggest pocket sizing based on the following, estimated scrotum size:

      • Small - golf ball
      • Medium - pool ball
      • Large - tennis ball
      • XL - baseball/softball
      • XXL - grapefruit








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