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Tonus Elast Medical Lumbar Fixation Corset with Metal Inserts and Straps

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Designed for tight back fixation in cases of spinal disc displacement and lumbar spine instability. It is used during the rehabilitation period after various types of injuries of the lumbar spine and surgical operations in this area. The solid inserts in the belt firmly and securely stabilise the spine.

Medical indications:
- during restorative treatment after spinal injuries;
- in the event of osteochondrosis with manifestations of instability;
- spondylolisthesis, consolidated vertebral fractures of the lumbar spine;
- intervertebral disc herniation of the lumbar spine;
- secures the lumbar spine and reduces the load in the event of spondylosis and radiculitis, as well as neuralgia;
- to reduce the time of rehabilitation after surgical operations in the lumbar and sacral part of the spine;
- to protect the spine while performing hard physical work, as well as - during exercise and while doing sports.