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Tonus Elast Thigh-High Medical Compression Stockings - Closed Toe - Unisex - 23-32 mmHg Class II

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Tonus Elast Thigh-High Medical Compression Stockings - Closed Toe - 23-32 mmHg Grade Class II
  • Recommended for the treatment of chronic venous insufficiency, varicose veins, heavy foot syndrome, leg swelling and edema
  • Anti-embolism compression stockings increase blood flow and prevent swelling, especially during long flights, sitting or standing for long periods of time. 
  • Tonus Elast compression socks are also useful during pregnancy and postpartum to minimize swelling in ankles feet and calves. 
  • Trouser sock style with flat seams for maximum comfort under shoes
  • The heel area is fortified to extend the durability of the product
  • Made of tested and certified European medical compression materials - RAL Standards
  • Graduated Compression Degree: Class II (23-32 mmHg)
  • Material Composition: Polyamide - 60%, lycra - 40%
  • For sizing please refer to size chart in photo.  The stocking are sold in two lengths (heights).  
  • Generally, if you are 5'6" or shorter we suggest Height 1 and 5'7" or taller Height 2.
    • Height 1 - 62.2-66.9 inch (158-170 cm) 
    • Height 2 - 66.9-71.7 inch (170-182 cm)

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