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URIEL Sport Waterproof Kinesiology Tape | Latex Free Water Resistant Kinetic Uncut | 2 in x 16.4 ft (5 cm x 5 m)

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  • Uriel Kinesiology Tape provides structural support to joints and muscles without restricting motion.
  • Corrects improper muscle function by providing neurosensory feedback during movement.
  • Relieve pain from both acute injuries and chronic pain conditions.
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation through enhanced lymphatic drainage.
  • Increases muscle tone in injured or neurologically inhibited muscles.
  • Delays fatigue and improve endurance through enhanced muscle snap back.
  • Accelerates healing via improved blood flow to injured tissues.
  • Prevent overuse and over contraction of working muscles.
  • Accelerate recovery from intense exercise.
  • For Knee, Elbow and Shoulder Muscle Taping
  • Used for Physical Therapy, Sports and Athletes
  • Reestablish normal muscle activation following an injury.
  • Size: 5 cm X 5 m (2 in x 16.4 ft)