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Uriel Wrist Splint Support Brace

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  • This Uriel Wrist Splint Support Brace is designed to provide firm wrist support by holding the wrist in a functional position of approximately 35 degrees of extension; an aluminum plate provides added rigidity
  • Ideal for immobilization of the wrist following acute sprain, fracture, inflammation and carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Provides excellent support post- plaster cast removal and assists in reducing swelling around the wrist area
  • Velcro closure secures the wrist splint at the back of the hand and wrist for a comfortable and secure fit
  • Fits Left and Right Wrist - Measure around wrist for proper size
  • Small 5-6 in., Medium 6-7 in., Large 7-8 in., XL 8-9 in.