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Mövibrace Inguinal Groin Hernia Belt | Left, Right or Double | Unisex

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The Mövibrace inguinal groin hernia belt is designed to provide relief from a reducible inguinal hernia - pre- or post surgery.  The hernia belt contains one soft (left or right) and two pads (double) that apply gradual pressure or support to the weakend muscles of the groin, with focused compression on the hernia. 

  • Provide constant, comfortable, and adjustable pressure to the hernia.
  • Discrete, low waist and minimalist design.
  • Anatomically designed pad provides comfortable compression while gently pushing the hernia back into the abdominal wall.
  • Hook and loop straps make it easy to wear, provide ample adjustability and gradual compression. 
  • Unisex - For use by men or women
  • Material: Belt - 50% cotton, 50% elastane | Pad - 100% Foamed EVA
  • Color: Black or Beige
  • Available in left, right or double (bilateral)
  • Sizing: Measure around hip for sizing and belt sits below the waist (If you are in between sizes we recommend the next size up)
    • Small (26-30), Medium (32-36), Large (38-42), XL (44-48) 

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