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Quality, Comfort and Support with FlexaMed

Welcome to FlexaMed, your go-to destination for quality orthopedic products designed to cover your health and wellness needs from head to toe. Our journey began in 2008 when our entrepreneurial founder recognized the challenge of finding anatomically correct, well made orthopedic items at traditional pharmacies. Frustrated with the difficulty of locating specific products and sizes, he envisioned a solution that would revolutionize the way people access life-changing products.

Why FlexaMed?

  1. Exceptional Materials:  Comfort is serious business. Explore our high quality solutions, including orthopedic supports, hernia belts, trusses, compression garments, knee braces, back braces, arm slings, lymphedema sleeves, abdominal binders, maternity bands, athletic supports, suspensories, ankle braces, leg braces, podiatry products, shapewear, and more.

  2. Specialized Gear:

    • Hernia Gear: Our robust line of hernia belts for men, women, and infants, offering reliable support.
    • MaternaBelt: Specifically designed for pregnancy-related abdominal support, ensuring comfort throughout your journey.
  3. Made in the USA:

    • FlexaMed and MaternaBelt are manufactured in the USA, ensuring quality and supporting American craftsmanship.
  4. Partnership with Tonus Elast:

    • Introducing our newest partner, Tonus Elast, a market leader in Europe. Elevate your experience with their premium, medically accurate compression stockings, back braces, and maternity belts. Customer feedback affirms that Tonus Elast products surpass common drug store remedies, especially for medical needs.
  5. Unparalleled Comfort:

    • At FlexaMed, we specialize in crafting products with soft materials to maximize comfort while providing essential support to areas in need. Our focus is on keeping you active and comfortable. 
  6. Direct-to-Consumer Convenience:

    • Skip the hassle of store searches. FlexaMed offers a direct-to-consumer online experience with fast shipping, and personalized service. Save time and enjoy the convenience of having premium products delivered straight to your doorstep.  If you call us, we  answer your calls in a timely manner, and address your product-related questions with our experienced staff, fluent in both English and Spanish.   

Choose FlexaMed for a seamless blend of comfort, support, and personalized service. Your well-being and privacy is our priority.