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Tonus Elast Umbilical Navel Hernia Belt - 6 Inch Width

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The Tonus Elast umbilical hernia belt provides relief when part of the intestine protrudes through an opening in your abdominal muscles, and appears like a bulge near or around the belly button, Umbilical hernia belts may be suggested for use before and after surgical repair to facilitate recovery. 

The most common causes of umbilical hernias in adults are serious conditions that raise abdominal pressure including prolonged coughing, enlarged prostate, excessive weight gain and straining due to childbirth or weightlifting. 

The 6 Inch Tonus Elast Umbilical Hernia Truss provides significant relief from abdominal pain associated with an umbilical or navel hernia

  • Removable silicone pad adds rigidity, protective padding, and provides a non-elastic zone that helps to direct compression to the navel hernia location
  • Cotton/elastic blend provide breathable, comfortable support
  • Dual hook and loop strips ensure custom fit

Measure around abdomen (belly) for a proper fit.  This product offers 2 unisex size options. Standard pant waist size may not be a good indicator for size as most people need to wear the belt closer to the belly and not the hips.  The belt is intended to fit tight and provide compression.

  • Color: Beige


Size 1: XS - M  25.5 in - 37.4 in or 65 - 95 cm

Size 2: L - XL  37.5 in - 49.2 in or 95 -125 cm