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FlexaMed Posture and Clavicle Support Brace - Small 24-32 in.

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About this item

  • Helps prevent poor posture and slumping
  • Velcro closure for easy on and off
  • Can be easily adjusted for varied levels of support
  • Shoulders are padded for extra comfort
  • For correct size, measure from center of back, over shoulder, under arm, and back to the center of the back Small (24" - 32")
Assists in averting slouching and hunching by retracting shoulders upward and backward. Beneficial for individuals dealing with back discomfort, arthritis, and poor posture.

The Posture and Clavicle Support Brace has lightweight strap that holds the shoulder area in the correct position to help promote the healing process after a clavicle (collarbone) fracture or acromio-clavicular separation, among other indications. It can also be used to help correct bad posture. By tightening the Velcro in front it supports the shoulders by pulling them back and up. As the shoulders move back the chest comes forward and the back and spine become straighter.