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Hernia Gear Suspensory Scrotal Support with Leg Straps | For Enlarged Scrotum, Hydrocele, Prostate and Vasectomy Relief

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Hernia Gear Suspensory Scrotal Support with leg straps is designed to relieve pain in your scrotal/testicle area. The suspensory jock supports and protects your scrotum/testicles from external contact and being crushed between your legs. Recommended following hernia surgery, scrotal testicle surgery, vasectomy, hydrocele and for large and enlarged testicles.

Sizing: The waist band is the same across all sizes.  The pocket increases in size.

  • Made with a solid white waistband and a soft, comfortable knit cotton/rayon breathable mesh support pouch with room to stretch
  • The suspensory scrotal support has a generous elasticized hole in front that fits most men
  • The waistband is adjustable for your specific level of support - one size fits all
  • Your scrotum/testicles will be comfortably secured and protected
  • Inconspicuous under clothing and machine washable