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Tonus Elast Breast Implant Stabilizer Band Post Surgery | Breast Augmentation Compression Strap

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  • WHEN AND WHY TO USE: Tonus Elast Breast Support Band is intended to be used after breast augmentation (breast implants, transaxillary submuscular breast augmentation, transumbilical augmentation), stabilizing and positioning implants, and for breast reconstruction post mastectomy to minimize movement.
  • PREMIUM EUROPEAN QUALITY: Tonus Elast breast support band is made in Europe using top-grade medical fabric that is comfortable and soft.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The breast strap is ergonomically designed with a front adjustable hook-and-loop closure to deliver excellent support and targeted compression that will help you heal quickly with less scarring.
  • HOW TO MEASURE: Measure the circumference around your chest over your breasts and under armpits.
  • SIZE: Size 1 Small - 31.5-34.5 in | Size 2 Medium 35.0-38.0 in | Size 3 Large 38.5-41.5 in | Size 4 XL 42.0-45.0 in