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Tonus Elast Open Patella Knee Splint | Medial and Lateral Aluminum Stays

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The Tonus Elast Lux Knee Splint uses soft, breathable, flexible neoprene laminated with Velcro fabric on the outside and cotton fabric on the inside.   The splint has a universal design that allows a custom fit around the knee joint, with a range from 11 inches to 19.5 inches in circumference.  The structure is divided into separate adjustable regions above and below the knee joint with 4 removable lateral aluminum splints, 2 on each side of the knee, medial and lateral.  The Velcro and aluminum stays enable easy adjustment and custom fit. 

The Tonus Lux Knee Splint warms, massages, provides compression, and improves circulation to the patella.   The sturdy splint is used for rehabilitation after knee surgery, and during exercise or physical therapy. 

Use cases include: 

  • Closed injuries, knee bruises or patella dislocations
  • Knee instability after injury
  • Meniscus tears
  • Support after plaster cast removal
  • During the rehabilitation of patellar ligament,  or collateral ligaments of the knee 

Length: 10 inches

Made in the EU