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Tonus Elast Posture Corrector and Straightener Brace with Metal Inserts for Spine, Upper Back, Neck, Shoulder and Clavicle Support

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Designed to prevent incorrect posture and first degree deformities of the spine, as well as for children and adolescents with the first signs of slouching.

The use of posture correctors is recommended for people, who wish to develop and consolidate a physiologically correct posture, as well as in the event of various types of spinal deformities, when scoliosis and characteristic scoliotic posture is observed, as well as - kyphosis and characteristic pathological posture, slouching, winged scapula. It is recommended in all cases of functional abnormalities of the spine, when the deformity covers a significant part of the spine, and also in the early stages of osteoporosis.
To reduce the duration of the rehabilitation period after injuries and surgical operations, to restore physiological activity.

In children and adolescents with the first signs of slouching, - for the prevention of incorrect posture and various deformities of the spine.

Also recommended for people over the age of 40 - to support the spine and maintain posture.

Material: Polyester - 39%, polyamide - 35%, elastane - 21%, cotton - 3%, polyurethane foam - 2%

Measure below chest as shown in image:

Available in Small (27-31 in), Medium (31-35 in), Large (35-39 in) and X-Large (39-42)