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Tonus Elast Warming Belt with Angora and Merino Wool | Haramaki | Warm the core and lower back

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Tonus Elast Warming Belt with Cotton, Angora and Merino Wool
  • Insulating winter warming belt made from angora, merino wool and cotton to wrap the core, abdomen and lumbosacral spine. Also known as a haramaki.
  • Provides heat to internal organs and lower back.  For treatment and prevention of radiculitis and neuritis including lower back pain that radiates thru the spine, disc herniation, bone spurs, spinal stenosis and disc degeneration, sciatica, uncomplicated hernia of intervertebral discs. myofascial pain, osteochondrosis of lumbar and sacral spine.  
  • To increase the warming effect, wear the belt with wool towards the body, but to increase the massaging effect wear with cotton towards the body.
  • Provides warmth during cold and drafty conditions, base layer, body warming belt for outside work to wrap the abdomen and internal organs. 
  • Unisex, universal design

Cotton – 52%, mixed wool – 35%, latex – 7%, polyester – 6%.

Washing Instructions 
Hand wash with mild detergent in cold or warm water. Do not bleach, dry clean, wring or machine dry.  Dry flat.  Do not iron.

For sizing measure around abdomen.  Please see chart in inches below:

  • Small 30-32 inches
  • Medium 33-35 inches
  • Large 36-38 inches
  • XL 39-41 inches
  • XXL 42-44 inches
  • XXXL 45-47 inches

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