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URIEL Silicone Heel Spur Cushion (Pair)

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The heel pad with the blue dot is intended to prevent pain in the heel bone area.
The "spur" is a lug protruding from the lower part of the heel bone (calcaneus) where the main tendon of the foot muscle is connected.

This heel pad is made of 100% silicone, with a softer blue dot in the center, which helps relieving the pain by releasing the strain of the body weight on the spur during walking/leaping.

The heel spur cushions are supplied in pairs which should be worn together, even if only one heel has a spur.

It is recommended to wear shoes with a soft heel, to stand walk or leap less, and to maintain correct body weight.

European Shoe Size: Small 35-37, Medium 38-40, Large 41-43, XL 44-47