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URIEL Thermo Neoprene Knee Support and Patella Strap Combo Brace

URIEL Thermo Neoprene Knee Support and Patella Strap Combo Brace

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  • Versatile patella knee support applies constant, mild compression at the patellar tendon, which helps reduce the shock caused by constant running and jumping
  • Indicated for relief of patellofemoral pain, jumpers knee (patellar tendonitis/tendinopathy), runner's knee (chondromalacia patella), irritated kneecap and Osgood-Schlatter's disease
  • Designed to improve patellar tracking and elevation
  • Silicone strip inside, prevents product from sliding down the leg.
  • Removable strap below the patella for additional support and grip. Can be removed and used by itself for minor patella support
  • Fits either left or right leg
  • Measure around knee for sizing
  • Small (10.5-12.5 in.), Medium (12.5-14.5 in.), Large (14.5-16.5 in.) and XL (16.5-18.5 in.)

This brace has been produced with best quality materials, accurate anatomical engineering and most advanced production techniques to provide you with maximum grip, support and comfort for your knee.

Made of thick THERMAL Neoprene, with 100% cotton towel lining. It helps retaining body heat which promotes faster healing and ease of pain.

Indicated use:
Suitable for Chondromalacia patella condition and as support brace for minor knee injuries.The brace provides support for a straight movement of the patella and directs the pressure to the patella tendon.