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We are now selling Ostomy Belts!

Posted by Ari Zacepitzky on

There are many benefits to wearing a support belt with your ostomy kit. The ostomy support belt is constructed from a flexible, breathable material that easily moves with the contours of your body, allowing you to lead an active and engaging lifestyle without worry. The lightweight stretchable material is discreet, body hugging, and secures the pouch against your body. An ostomy belt may be helpful in maintaining an adequate seal when using a convex skin barrier. An ostomy support belt protects your urostomy or colostomy bag by securely holding it up against your body. This prevents your pouch from detaching from your stoma, becoming snagged or experiencing similar situations. A good ostomy pouch belt will also expand with your pouch as it fills, resulting in a completely comfortable user experience. Whether you're running, jumping, walking, dancing or stretching, you can rest assured than the belt will keep your appliance safely in place. 

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